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International identity, Logo and Branding consulting

ECCOM understands that great communication isn’t simply a matter of strong vocabulary or a simple set of techniques. It’s an elusive skill that few learn to master. We have the experience and the know-how to serve as a true communication consultant with your team.

  • Targeted country research
  • Global network of advertising specialists
  • Product name and slogan linguistic research
  • Colors and images cultural impact study
  • Slang, customs and religion comparison
  • Historical and political impact

Companies spend millions of dollars on the creation of a proper image and a personal brand – that make you stand out of the crowd and represent you around the world. Our vast global network of dedicated professional linguists work to ensure that your latest product or slogan is reaching the market positively and as you intended. To properly protect your most valued corporate assets – your brand and your reputation – you just cannot afford to have your million dollar promotional campaign portrayed like this: