Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance


The only element on which you should never compromise is QUALITY. Providing translation, interpreting  and  software localization services for over a quarter of a century, Eclectic learned the importance of quality.

QUALITY ASSURANCE is a process of planned activities implemented daily to ensure that all quality requirements are fulfilled. Relying on advanced technology solutions and in accordance with the process of ISO 9001 and EN 15038, we have developed a rigorous process to provide you with the highest quality linguistic services:

  • All translators are professionals with at least 10 years of experience
  • All translators are native speakers
  • All translations undergo revision by a second linguist
  • All interpreters graduated from recognizedQuality assurance schools
  • We match linguists who are experts in your field
  • We provide a clear project plan
  • Achievable Time frame is set and respected
  • Formatting is respected
  • Custom glossary is created and respected
  • Custom style guide is created and respected
  • Custom terminology is developed and respected
  • In-country terminology verification
  • Cultural consulting
  • In-context verification
  • CMS consulting and implementation




While all of our quality assurance guidelines apply to software localization, there are many other tasks that have to be completed to assure the perfect functioning of the localized website, software package and the help files.  QUALITY CONTROL is a set of observation techniques and activities used to ensure that all functional requirements are met.

  • Clear Quality Control Plan
  • Process documentation
  • Coordination and schedule plan
  • Cosmetic verification
  • Linguistic verification
  • Terminology verification
  • Localization and internationalization process verification
  • Resizing of Windows and dialog boxes
  • Help files testing and verification
  • Software testing on native OS


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