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Eclectic Communications was one of the first language service providers to translate and localize websites. We began work on website translations in the early nineties when the web was still in the cradle. Since then we have acquired impressive experience. Our website translation services have evolved into a combination of linguistics, culture and technology.

Excellence in Technology

Eclectic Communications has a long history in technology and have attained an excellent status in work and client satisfaction. Our website translations is one of many services that our company can assist with, helping your business reach global markets. 

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How to Choose the Right Languages for your Website?

What language does your target customer speak? What languages are used the most on the Web? The number of “big languages” on the Web has grown proportionally with the  expansion of the Internet. To reach 80% of the online population, product and service companies require at least 12 languages. It takes 13 languages to address 90% of the world’s online spending power. And customers are always more likely to surf the Web in their native language. Consult a list of Languages for detailed information.